A brief history

General Hygiene Department was founded in 1945. The first Head of the Department was Professor Emeritus, PhD in medicine, H. Nicogosian. He led the Department until 1957, being succeeded to the post by lecturer A. Zorin (1957-1960) and professor I. Reznik (1960-1979). Professor I. Reznik also held the position of Chairman of Moldovan Scientific Society of Hygienists and was member of Society of Hygienists from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), Associate Professor, Professor Emeritus of Republic of Moldova. In 1975, the General Hygiene Department was divided. One of the two chairs which was led by Associate Professor Henrieta Rudi, was designed for students of faculties of General Medicine, Stomatology and Pharmacy, the other one was headed by Associate Professor Iacov Reznik – for students of faculties of Preventive Medicine and Paediatrics. In 1979, the chairs merged and they were managed by Associate Professor Henrieta Rudi. Associate Professor, Henrieta Rudi, led the preparation of two PhD theses in medicine. In 1992, the General Hygiene chair was divided again. The first Hygiene Chair, was managed by Associate Professor Henrieta Rudi, ensuring teaching of General Hygiene for students of faculties of General Medicine and Pharmacy. The second Chair, was led by lecturer, Doctor in medicine Gheorghe Ostrofet, who taught Hygiene at the Preventive Medicine Faculty. In 1994, the no.1 and no.2 chairs merged again, thus being created the General Hygiene Chair within General Medicine Faculty, led by lecturer Gheorghe Ostrofet who defended his thesis of PhD in medicine and created a new scientific school in 2000–“Study of professional pathologies in women working at video terminals in the main telecommunications branches”. He also was mentor of four doctor’s theses in medicine. In 2010, as Head of the General Hygiene Department was appointed Ion Bahnarel, Professor Emeritus of Moldova, holder of ”Nicolae Testemitanu” Commemorative Medal, Laureate of prize of the Moldovan Academy of Sciences for valuable scientific works, Diploma of IInd degree of Laureate at the National Contest ”TEZA DE  EXCELENŢĂ DE DOCTOR HABILITAT A ANULUI 2010” (Excellence PhD Thesis 2010),  Order „Gloria Muncii” (Labour Glory), 2013–Diploma of Ist degree of  Government of  Republic of Moldova received from the National Attestation and Accreditation Council.

At present, several people are involved in the work activity of the Department, namely: Ion Bahnarel –Head of Department, university associate, PhD in medicine; Gheorghe Ostrofet – university associate, PhD in medicine; Lili Groza, Ovidiu Tafuni, Aliona Tihon, Catalina Croitoru, Elena Ciobanu – lecturers, doctors in medicine; Natalia Bivol, Alexandru Garbuz – assistants.